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Mousy (10 images) A very cute real-life story about Sue and a new-born baby mouse on our back hillside one day in Spring early 2000's.

Sue found this tiny baby mouse whilst working on our hillside yesterday. And then, today, unbelieveably, she found it again near the same area. She thinks it may have been abandoned by its mother.

Anyway, when Sue put some wheatgerm in front of it, it gobbled it up. In awhile, though, it dozed off to sleep IN HER HANDS!

Finally, Sue had to go to tennis and so gently placed it back in the thicket on the hill near the bloodroots. She saw it there again in the afternoon! Pretty unbelieveable if you ask me. Wonder what's going to happen next.

Spring 02 Flowers in Back Yard (7 images)
I took these pics a few days ago (late May) when there actually was sunshine! Just thought some of you might like to see some of the flowers in Sue's yard. Everything is so lush this year with all the cool weather holding things back, plus all the rain.
Len's Cabin Early 2000's (16 images). It's always so much fun to visit Len and Kathy Backus at their cabin not far from Red Granite, WI. He has a very large amount of land and there's lot's of birds, deer, and other wildlife. His closest neighbors are far away and we enjoy just relaxing, talking, hiking, etc. Unfortunately for all of us, he sold it and we no longer go there. Good times, though, while it lasted.
Humpbacks of Banderas Bay The Humpback whales come down every year about January from Alaska and have their babies. The Bay is full of them in the warm Mexican sun. Here are a few of the many photos I've taken of them over the years cavorting in the indigo sea.
Peru Trip Spring 08. These slideshows contain what Sue and I thought were among the best photographs taken in April 08 during our 7-day river boat tour of the Peruvian Amazon and its tributaries. We traveled with 22 fellow alumni from the University of Wisconsin--Madison.

Besides the Amazon trip, we spent additional time visiting Dr. Linnea Smith, a UW-Madison alumna, at her riverside clinic near Cieba Tops.

Linnea was recently given a prestigious award (09) for her many years work of administering to the "riberenos" (river people) along that part of the Amazon.

We ended our wonderful Peru trip visiting the famous mysteriously abandoned mountaintop Inca city of Machu Picchu. Hard to believe the buildings and the famous Inka Trail are still in such great condition after over 700 years!

2000 Miles along the Amazon (443 images)

Ceiba Tops and the Canopy Tour (103 images)

Hike To Las Animas Jan 08. Down the coast from Puerto Vallarta there's a beautiful hike. It begins at Boca de Tomatlan and goes about 2 hrs to a secluded beach called Las Animas. The only way there is by water taxi or by foot. It's not a trivial hike, having LOTS of up/down, difficult terrain, and a certain amount of exposure to the cliffs plunging into the surf. There are plenty of wonderful views but one must stop walking to safely look. Even Josh, our 8-yr-old grandson did the hike this year. I told him "one step at a time" and he did great and had a wonderful time and sense of accomplishment.