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Articles currently available for downloading as Adobe PDF documents
"MD Microstriations in paper: a two-sided shrinkage phenomenom?" 5 pages, 400 KB
"Submillimeter gloss variations in coated paper; Part I, the gloss imaging equipment and analytical techniques" 8 pages, 2 MB
Submillimeter gloss variations in coated paper; Part 2, Studying 'orange peel' gloss effects in a lightweight coated paper" 8 pages, 2 MB
"A review of the topographical causes of gloss variation and the effect on perceived print quality," 14 pages, 13 MB
"Some impacts of paper making on paper structure," 22 pages, 16 MB
"Measuring water-induced roughening of LWC paper and its effect on printed gloss," 9 pages, 1 MB
"Wet pressing and paper properties--A micromechanical view," 20 pages, 11 MB
"Image analysis of a LWC paper reveals wire mark in the print density variations," 5 pages, 10 MB
"Image analysis techniques for studying 'Orange Peel' gloss effects in a LWC paper," 14 pages, 5.7 MB
"Measurement of small-scale gloss variation in printed paper: topography explains much of the variation for one paper," 25 pages, 3.8 MB
'Membrane formation on paper surfaces," 20 pages, 1.3 MB
"CD shrinkage roughening and hard roll ends after supercalendering," 8 pages, 9 MB
"Sheet stratification caused by wet pressing: Part I, a description," 5 pages, 9 MB
"Sheet stratification caused by wet pressing: Part II, Practical effects," 5 pages,11 MB
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