Michael A. MacGregor

September 2003

Mike MacGregor is the owner of a private consulting business serving the paper and printing industries. The business specializes in paper and printing surfaces, paper defects, paper structure, web consolidation processes (forming, pressing, drying), paper making diagnostics, technology transfer, and research consulting.

Mike, a TAPPI member since 1972, was awarded Tappi Fellow to recognize his technical achievements in the paper industry and his service to the Tappi association.  He also recently received Tappi's Engineering Division Leadership and Service Award. He is one of two remaining Charter Members of the Tappi Water Removal Committee. He is also an instructor (invited back for over 20 years) at the popular TAPPI Pressing and Drying Short Course and has presented many technical papers and lectured at TAPPI conferences and numerous other international venues, including the prestigious Fundamental Research Symposium in Cambridge, England.

During the late-90's, Mike served as a Sr. Scientist at STFI (Swedish Pulp and Paper Research Institute) in Stockholm, Sweden. He worked in three major areas: a Sr. Manager of the Impulse Drying Technology Program; a member of the PFT print research program; and paper surface characterization studies.

This was his second time in Sweden, being invited in 1988 to 1990 as the first Stora Research Professor (invited research and teaching Chair) at The Royal Institute of Technology in the Department of Paper Technology. Here he taught Paper Science courses, mentored PhD candidates, and conducted research on surface properties of paper, especially the causes of small-scale gloss variation in coated and printed paper.

Mike worked 18 years at VoithSulzer Paper Technology (formerly Voith, Inc.) as Manager--Science and Technology. In that capacity he worked principally in the area of paper physics. Mike is the discoverer of the paper surface defect he named 'MD Microstriations' and later another phenomenon—a cellulosic 'membrane' that forms on the paper surface as an interaction between refining, forming, pressing, and drying.

During his time at Voith he also studied the role of the paper machinery in determining paper properties and the influence that these properties have on subsequent converting processes and end uses. He also performed extensive scientific problem solving and consulting on commercial paper machines as well as acted as company liaison between industry, research institutes, and academia. In this role, he was instrumental in bringing together several international research institutes, academic, and industrial groups to solve specific paper making problems.

Prior to joining Voith, Mike was a Research Scientist for 8 years at Appleton Mills conducting early path-breaking fundamental wet pressing research that led the industry to an improved understanding of the water removal process and, especially, its effects on the paper structure.

Mike's first job after university was, for 5 years, with The Boeing Company in their Commercial Airplane Division as a Propulsion Research Engineer, specializing in large-scale computerized engine/airplane matching and optimization programs.

Mike is a long-time CPPA member (now Paptac). He is also past-President and presently the Webmaster for the International Association of Scientific Paper Makers (IASPM), a professional and collegial network of 225 scientists and paper makers from 26 countries throughout the world. This Association counts numerous highly honored scientists and paper makers amongst it membership.

Mike's other professional interests include information technology, website design, graphic arts, and photography. Mike created and maintains both the Tappi Water Removal Committee and IASPM websites as well as several other web-based communities outside his profession. He is also a freelance photographer.

September 2003

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