(Effective Jan 2006)

Technical Consulting

  • US$ 250/hr
  • US$ 1750/day + expenses for mill visit


  • PO # required before work commences
  • 15% handling charge added to trip expenses for time required to make arrangements, time use of my funds, etc.
  • Payment due upon receipt of invoice
  • 5% late fee each 30 days
  • Trip insurance for certain international travel

Researching a specific subject - US$ 75/hr

On- or Off-site Teaching/Continuing Education/Adult Learning

  • Let's talk ...

Graphic Arts for Corporate Technical Presentations

  • Design work - US$ 50/hr
  • Production work - US$ 30/hr
  • Digital scanning/camera work - US$ 30/hr

Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, ImageReady, GoLive, Dabbler, Fractal Design Painter, DreamWeaver, Surfer, Epson, Olympus


The above rates are general guidelines. Each consulting job quoted according to the specific situation.

A 'day' means for as reasonably many hours as I am required at the mill.

The mill visit includes approximately half-day travel time to/from mill. Additional travel time charged at half-rate.

Mill visit rate includes a formal written report if required.

I am willing to discuss other mutually beneficial arrangements, including contracts to achieve specifically-stated tangible goals.

I guarantee your satisfaction!