8 Pierce Court
Appleton, WI 54914
TEL/FAX (920) 739-1862
Michael A. MacGregor

Sept 2006
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Position Objective Corporate Scientist, Corporate Technology Management, or Technical Director in paper surfaces, web consolidation processes, paper physics, or paper making diagnostics.
Strengths Unique combination of scientific and pragmatic background, extensive worldwide professional network, facile with computers and many software programs, demonstrated innovative problem-solving capabilities, persistence in achieving goals, ability to sell ideas believed in, ability to foster desire and enthusiasm in team members.
Interests Paper making and paper physics and paper structural problems on lab and industrial scale, surface-related problems, print and image quality, technology transfer, image analysis, application of geographical information systems (GIS) techniques in the paper industry.
Employment History
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MacGregor Paper Consulting, Appleton, WI
  • Owner
  • January 2000 – Present (Sept 2006)
Owner of private consulting business specializing in paper technology solutions for the paper and printing industries. Machine configuration evaluations, paper and printing surface defects, web consolidation processes, paper making diagnostics, paper property problems, wet pressing.

Client List

  • Gulf States NA
  • Potlatch NA
  • Sappi NA
  • Fibermark NA
  • StoraEnso NA and Europe
  • Haindl Germany
  • Mead NA
  • Sovay NA
  • Hansol Korea
  • HydraTech S Afrika
  • Propal Colombia SA
  • MeadWestvaco NA
  • Appleton Coated NA
  • Tembec Canada
  • Dow International
  • Albany International
  • AstenJohnson
  • McKinley Paper
  • STFI/Packforsk

Some projects to date:

  • "Blow wrinkles" in a tandem shoe press (USA)
  • "Shrink wrinkles" in coated board (Europe)
  • "Anti-Rewet" materials and strategies for press fabrics (USA)
  • Optical mottle and shade mottle in coated fine paper (USA)
  • "Lumpiness" in coated supered fine paper from the basesheet formation character (USA)
  • Surface ?texture? and gloss mottle in coated board (Canada)
  • Fiber Orientation Streaking (FOS) in coated paper leading to Finger Ridging at reel (USA, Korea, Colombia S.A.)
  • MD Microstriations in LWC and MWC Publication grades (USA)
  • MD Striations in a number of Coated Board grades (USA)
  • Cocklefields/Wrinklefields/Calender Cuts in LWC Publication grade (USA)
  • Helped set up a Filtration Paper Specification program to achieve highest competitiveness (USA)
  • Web handling and environmental considerations for web printing presses (South Africa)
  • Working on causes of "Burnishing" of a Coated Food Board during rewinding (Korea)
  • Analyzed gloss variation/print quality for Coated Board (Korea) and LWC Publication (USA)
  • Determined the source of texture and structure problems in Coated Food Board (USA)
  • Solved shadow marking problems in a printing grade (USA)
  • Performed Z-direction fiber orientation and XY-plane fiber orientation streaking analyses in Coated Board (USA)
  • Performed fiber orientation mapping in MWC and LWC Publication grades (USA)
  • Registration and pressroom runnability problems in a webfed printing grade (Canada)
  • Machine configuration assessment for recycled linerboard justifying installation of a shoe press (USA)
  • Presented numerous adult training and education Short Courses (International)
  • Several invited speaker presentations (International)
  • Technical graphic arts commissions (Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc.)
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STFI (Swedish Pulp & Paper Research Institute), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Sr. Scientist
  • Jan 1997 – December 1999
Senior management member of the Impulse Technology Program, study the effect of Impulse Technology on paper structure, create an Intranet for Impulse Drying Team, scientist in the Swedish Print Research Program (PFT) , conduct research on paper surface structure and the applicability of geographical information systems (GIS) techniques to paper, mentor and supervise Master's and PhD students, consult with Swedish paper industry.
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VoithSulzer Paper Technology (formerly Voith GmbH and now Voith Paper), Appleton, WI
  • Mgr--Science & Technology
  • June 1978 – Dec 1996
Paper machine and paper making scientific trouble-shooting, related paper properties to paper machine design, customer gaurantees, technical sales (technical representative on customer presentation teams), responsible for Company liaison with scientific community, conducted special research projects, print research.
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The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Paper Technology Dept, Stockholm, Sweden
  • STORA Professor, Printing Surfaces
  • Nov 1988 – Jan 1990 (On leave of absence from Voith)
Authored an invited major review paper for the FRC Cambridge, UK Fundamental Research Symposium, developed optically-based instruments and image analysis methods to measure and characterize the paper surface for printing, conducted psychophysical research on submillimeter gloss variations in prints, consultant to the Swedish paper industry, taught PhD paper and process technology courses, assisted and advised Department Head, mentored graduate students.
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Appleton Mills (now VoithFabrics) Appleton, WI
  • Research Scientist
  • June 1970 – June 1978
Helped conduct pathbreaking wet pressing research, presented and authored numerous scientific publications, manufacturing process development and optimization, FORTRAN computer programming.
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The Boeing Aircraft Company Seattle, WA
  • Propulsion Research Engineer
  • January 1966 – June 1970
Engine/Airplane matching, airbreathing propulsion research, 707/727/737/747 commercial aircraft propulsion systems, aerodynamics, FORTRAN computer programming.
BSME 1966 University of Wisconsin--Madison
  • Thermodynamics, jet propulsion, heat transfer
Professional Engineering Degree (PE) 1975
  • State of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA
Continuing Education Courses
  • University of Wisconsin—Madison
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Cambridge
  • Institute of Paper Chemistry—Appleton
  • Tappi Short Courses
Professional Affiliations
  • Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI)
  • Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (CPPA)
  • Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (Paptac)
  • Past President of International Association of Scientific Paper Makers (IASPM)
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  • 18 refereed Journal and Book publications (5 additional in process)
  • 30 formal technical and scientific papers and reports
  • 62 formal internal scientific papers and technical reports
  • 5 Conference Proceedings
  • 4 Course Material publications
  • See list
Other Accreditations
  • Tappi Leadership and Service Award 2003
  • Distinguished Tappi Fellow Award 2002
  • 1st Stora Professor for Printing Surfaces at the Royal Institute of Technology 1988 (invited chair)
  • 1989 Cambridge Fundamental Research Symposium Invited Keynote Speaker
  • Industrial Research Needs TAPPI Workshop Invited Participant
  • Tappi Pressing and Drying Short Course Lecturer since 1983
  • Tappi Water Removal Committee 25-yr Charter Member
  • Invited Lectures and visits in various countries
  • Paper Technology Lecturer at KTH, IPC, STFI, KCL, Paprican, UW-SP
  • Past-President IASPM two terms
  • Scientific reviewer for JPPS and Tappi Journal
  • Webmaster for IASPM website
  • Webmaster for Tappi Water Removal Community
  • Webmaster for Tappi Fluid Mechanics Community
  • Chairman of Tappi Knowledge Management Community
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