A paper machine is part of an extremely complex multi-variate, highly non-linear, dynamic process.  When intractable problems arise it is rarely clear where the fault lies--in the machinery or the customer process or in some interaction between the two. 

Not only do I have an excellent knowledge of paper machinery design and its application in the field but I am also fortunate to have the facility for assimilating and analyzing many variables at once. 

I have participated in numerous intensive customer-driven programs to solve problems generated by the paper machinery or by the interaction between this and the process (see my list of projects).  Every problem I was brought into involved hundreds thousands or even millions of dollars in lost sales opportunities for the customer. 

Invariably, my efforts were fully supported and driven by the customer and that is why much pioneering work was possible that could never have been done in a research or pilot plant setting.

Paper Making Diagnostics and Technical TroubleShooting