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January 5, 2000

Message To Management Recruiters!


With my contract at STFI in Stockholm, Sweden now drawn to a close, I am exploring, both here in North America and Internationally, opportunities for my future.

I am a very pragmatic and results-oriented technical person who enjoys applying the scientific method to solving tough practical paper making problems.

I consider myself a "technology broker," one who has the experience and worldwide network to see what the important problems are and the ability to bring together the best technical resources to solve the problem.

I am open to considering permanent, contract, or consulting positions in any part of the world.

I have always enjoyed working on (and have a large experience in) urgent customer-driven problems. I have lots of ideas and lots of energy to see them to fruition. I am looking for a place where there is a good fit between my strengths and desires and the needs of The Corporation in these times of restructuring, rationalization, and cost optimizing.

At STFI I worked in the broad areas of Impulse Drying and on the Paper-Ink-Print (PFT) program. Within both these major applied-research programs I continued my research into improved ways to measure and characterize the printing surface, an area of great interest to me.

I also find technical and scientific problem solving on commercial paper machines very important and challenging and consulted with several Swedish paper manufacturers during my stay.

I also directed the creation of a demonstration Intranet called INFOnet, an innovative architecture for easy and open communication between widely separated and disparate members of the Impulsteknik team.

Lastly, besides acting as a senior advisor to numerous young researchers at STFI, I have been involved with academia mentoring Ph.D. students. I found this quite rewarding.

I have a vast practical and scientific experience with a world-class paper machinery builder.

Consequently, I am equally comfortable on the backside of a paper machine as in a research laboratory or a university setting.

I am looking for a company interested in exploring innovative ways to utilize my talents and the unique background that I have been fortunate to acquire.

Thank you!
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