April 2003

During his over 30 year career in the Paper Industry, Mike MacGregor in various international settings has consulted extensively with paper companies, helped paper makers solve difficult operating and quality problems, contributed significantly to the literature on paper and printing defects, lectured at many international venues, and mentored many young adults seeking higher education. Mike, a distinguished Tappi Fellow and registered Professional Engineer, spent 18 years with a world-class paper machinery builder, specializing in paper and printing surfaces, paper defects, paper making processes, and technical trouble-shooting on commercial paper machines. He also has 8 years experience with a paper machine clothing manufacturer performing research that led to the development of felt designs that optimized sheet dryness and finish, then helped bring these into the field. Equally at home in a research and scientific setting as performing pragmatic problem solving situations, Mike spent 2-year sabbaticals at several well-known research institutes and universities. Mike's wide-ranging career has also given him an extensive network in the international paper making community. Mike's other professional qualifications include website design and graphic art and he practices freelance photography. Mike recently received the prestigious Tappi Engineering Division 2003 Leadership Award.

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