Technical and Scientific Consulting
  • You can't get this kind of resource off a computer screen. Perhaps this is the greatest strength that I can bring to a company trying to make decisions on such issues ranging from specifying machine configurations to evaluating the cost-effectiveness of current technology.
  • I've a vast network of technical and scientific colleagues throughout the world that I can immediately draw upon.
  • I've also numerous contacts at research institutes and other testing facilities.
  • I've also a demonstrated record of transfering science and technology in a timely fashion to the actual paper making operating environment. In one typical case, I was instrumental in bringing together 4 disparate parties (world-class SCA paper manufacturer, a machinery builder, a research institute, and a university) into a mutually-beneficial joint effort.
  • I have a facility for designing simple or complex experiments or even entire research programs.
  • I also have a facility for interpreting experimental results, relating them to my past experience or to paper making fundamentals.