Here are some comments concerning past successful working relationships with my clients.

My relationship with clients is based on openness, sincerity, confidentiality, trust, a search for the truth, and no surprises.

I believe that it's important for you to get what you pay for: honest independent advice from an experienced person. Therefore, if I have strongly-held beliefs about issues in my area of expertise I do not withhold those beliefs, even if they may not be something the mill wants to hear. I am much more interested in truly helping you than in fretting over future business.

I have found it essential to have close access to a competent mill contact; one who can afford me time and who has the attention of upper management. I count heavily on the mill contact to correspond with, to obtain answers to my questions, to provide data, to follow up with, etc.

During the course of my mill visit, we may discover other areas where I could be of assistance. Should you decide to utilize me for hourly work, I keep an accurate logbook of all activities and the time spent. I, therefore, can give you current status reports at whatever intervals you would like. I believe strongly that there should be no surprises on either side about what has been accomplished, what is planned to be accomplished, or what charges have been built up.

I've had many good consulting experiences over the Internet but am flexible in all communication modes. A certain amount of person-to-person contact is essential but there are also many occasions where using the Internet is highly efficient and effective AS LONG AS THERE IS A GOOD MILL CONTACT PERSON. I will work in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Your satisfaction with my work is guaranteed!

Working with me